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Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions

1) This site is owned by and operated by Ardua Ventures Limited, Unit 9, 3 Warstone Lane, Jewellery Quarter, Hockley, Birmingham B18 6JE, and the terms and conditions herein under are legally binding on any player using the services of (hereon referred to as LM), and/or any associated website, to facilitate the purchase of a ticket in the UK and EuroMillions lotteries. After purchase your credit card will be billed immediately and the transaction will show up on your statement as

2) In respect of these terms and conditions, the player appoints LM to act as their agent in facilitating the purchase of tickets for a draw and/or distribution of any winnings from the above-mentioned lotteries with the assistance of a syndicate manager. By purchasing a ticket on this site, the player confirms and accepts that such activity does not contravene any local, regional or national laws and/or regulations. The player further releases LM from any liability arising from any such contravention(s).

3) LM reserves the right to modify or alter these terms and conditions unilaterally from time to time. Notification of such modifications or alterations shall be posted on the LM website as and when they occur, and all such revisions or amendments shall be notified via the player's online Message Panel in Account Overview.

4) Only persons over the age of 18 may be eligible to participate in any of the draws through LM, or collect any winnings resulting from such draws.

5) Our charges are in accordance with our fee structure as follows: UK Lottery=
GBP3.00 per play (line of 6 numbers) EuroMillions=GBP3.50
per play (line of 5 numbers plus 2 star numbers, and entry into the twice weekly UK Millionaire Raffle). We reserve the right to change these costs (in line with cost changes by the National Lottery) at any time, without notice. The cost of a ticket will be clearly displayed on the ticket entry screen, and again at the payment screen, before processing a player's payment (whether via debit/credit card or wallet account).

6) The onus resides with the player to provide LM with the correct information to facilitate the purchase of a ticket on their behalf. LM accepts no liability for any errors made as a result of incorrect information from the player.

7) LM accepts no liability for a player who provides us with false or misleading information in respect of any of their personal details. Such a player shall not be permitted to purchase any tickets through LM and will have their account with us closed. Any monies held by LM at such a time will be released to the player, less any fees due, in accordance with our published charges.

8) It is the responsibility of the player to provide LM with the correct instructions. LM accepts no liability for any errors, which may occur in the transmission of any incomplete or incorrect instructions.

9) LM accepts no liability for any mislaid information, lost or otherwise, due to failure, or otherwise, of the computers of LM, the player's computer, or any other computer, or any other system. LM also accepts no liability for any other failure of communication that may occur in the normal course of business.

10)i) It is the responsibility of the player to submit their entries for the next draw well before the cut-off time. LM accepts no liability for any entries late or out of time. The player must familiarise him/herself with the cut-off times as detailed at paragraph 19 below.
ii) Should a player not submit their entries in time for a specific draw, LM may submit their entries in any of the subsequent draws.

11) LM accepts no liability for any late payment of an entry. Such an entry will not be automatically submitted into the next draw. The player shall have the option to submit such an entry in any subsequent draw.

12) LM will purchase an entry on the players behalf to the specific draw as detailed on the player's online ticket, subject to the terms and conditions as set out herein and subject to the terms and conditions as set out in the UK and EuroMillions lotteries. LM accepts no liability where a player does not comply with these terms and conditions.

13) LM shall act as Group Manager in the collection of prize monies. These monies shall be paid to any winners, less any interest, which may have accrued thereon, and less our agency fees of 5% (this is applicable to ALL winnings), within 10 working days of receipt from Camelot plc, or whosoever holds the licence to provide the UK and EuroMillions lotteries).

14)i) All financial transactions on this site will be made by means of a credit or debit card. All payments to LM will be debited from the credit card immediately. All winnings will be held by LM, until such time as LM receives instructions from the player as to how those winnings are to be dispersed. The winning amounts from each draw are published by the relevant lottery organiser at the time.
ii) Where chargebacks are instigated by the player, LM reserve the right to withhold such monies as are the subject of the chargeback (and any winnings resulting from such monies), until such a time as any chargeback procedure and/or investigation is completed.
iii) Where a player repeatedly instigates a chargeback, LM reserve the right to suspend their account without prior notice.

15) LM is neither associated with the National Lottery, nor endorsed by Camelot plc or the Lottery Commission.

16) LM reserves the right to withdraw this service without prior notice.

17) All player data will be treated confidentially and will not be sold or otherwise passed to any third party.

18) All communications between the players Internet browser and LM are protected using 128-bit SSL encryption from IP addresses are logged with every transaction for the player's security.

19) Cut-off times are Wednesday and Saturday at 5.30pm UK local time for the UK Lottery and Tuesday & Friday at 5.30pm UK local time for the EuroMillions lottery.

20) Payment for any entries must be received prior to LM placing any orders for such entries with UK and EuroMillions lotteries. When making payment via this site (either via credit card or Account Wallet funds) players must NOT hit the refresh button, F5 or the browser Back button during payment processing. Such actions may result in the payment being taken more than once. Players who believe they have made a wrongful request should contact immediately, providing all relevant details including date of transaction; username; amounts involved and ticket number(s).

21) On receipt of the player's payment, their order will be sent to the syndicate manager via a secure server. The syndicate manager then purchases the ticket and holds it in safe keeping until after the draw.

22)i) No refund will be possible, except in exceptional circumstances, once LM has received your instructions to proceed with the purchase of a ticket. The purchase of the ticket is completed immediately, so, no amendment or cancellation of the ticket will be possible either.
ii) LM will only refund the player any monies if the player has a valid reason to be dissatisfied with our service. To apply for a refund, please contact us at setting out your full reasons for your request.
iii) Players must ensure that their instructions are clear and that there are no errors in their entries, prior to forwarding such entries to LM, to avoid any misunderstandings.

23) Any player who rescinds any monies due to LM shall forfeit any winnings resulting from such monies. LM will also be entitled to credit back any such rescinded amounts and the player will have his account with LM cancelled.

24) As and when a subscription facility is provided, LM will allow the player to alter or amend his subscription under the following circumstances: When the player agrees to permit us to provide alternative entry dates for an equivalent number of entries to the balance of monies outstanding in the players subscription.

25)i) Should new legislation, pertaining to UK and EuroMillions lotteries, be introduced regarding the sale of lottery tickets commercially to non-UK residents, then LM reserves the right to continue to submit tickets to a similar lottery.
ii) In the event of the sale of LM, either wholly or a portion thereof, all monies held in the accounts of such sold portion which is due to the purchaser, shall be paid to the purchaser.

26) All copyright and trademarks displayed, transmitted or used on this site, or in the normal course of business, subsist with LM. Anyone who modifies, reproduces, transmits, distributes, sells, publishes or circulates any content of this site without prior written permission shall be liable for prosecution for any such infringements.

27) No liability shall attach to LM, or any syndicate manager, for any failure or delay in delivery of any entries ordered by the player when circumstances, or events, beyond our control arise.

28) All parties hereby agree that all disputes shall be settled within 30 days, by an Arbitrator, agreed by both parties. If the dispute is of a legal matter, then the Arbitrator shall be a person of at least 10 years legal experience. If the dispute is of an accounting matter, then the Arbitrator shall be a person of at least 10 years accounting experience.

29) In the event of the death of a player, any and all winnings due to the player, by LM, shall be paid to the legal controller or executor of their estate.

30) LM makes no representation or warranties, express or implied, as to the suitability or correctness of our links, downloads, texts or images, or any other content or material used in the normal course of our business.

31) LM, its officers, employees, partners, affiliates, agents, suppliers or anyone else connected to the running of this business shall not be liable for any damage, loss or liability, howsoever it may occur, incurred by visitors or users or any other person resulting from the use or inability to use the LM websites.

32) Special Offers and Bonus Schemes. When sign-up bonuses and special offers are provided, these are limited to one per household and shall be enabled within 48 hours of completion of the sign-up process. Furthermore, such offers are non-refundable and are purely for use on this site.

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